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“Not My Job”

Not My Job
Not My Job.

How painfully often we hear this phrase pronounced at the job site. Something needs to be done, and sometimes we are often asked to do it, but we firmly state “That is not my job”, and let it go. The business suffers, safety gets compromised, customers leave. Factories close and then indeed it will not be your job for you won’t have a job left to go to.

There is a tendency in the workplace to identify a list of roles and responsibilities, which we do need to do, but then use it for the wrong purposes. Our stated roles and responsibilities at work are not an all inclusive list, they are merely the backbone of our job. These are the things that we must do in order to keep the company moving. These are the vital aspects that we are most qualified at, and that have been placed on our plates.

A workplace is a homogeneous group of heterogeneous components; people. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. Each of us is an expert in some areas, and a complete novice, even totally incompetent at others. Our roles and responsibilities should be composed of those things for which we are experts. There are times that we are experts in certain areas, and we are also pushed out from doing those things. That will happen. That is not a good thing.

But what I want to focus on today are the things that are not on our lists, the things that we confidently claim “are not my job”. Let me tell you a secret.


We, as employees, as managers, as tradesmen, as operators, as clerks, as drivers, as administrators and HR and every other title under the sun, are ALL responsible for anything and everything that happens at the workplace. We are ALL responsible for safety. We are ALL responsible for costs and budgets. We are ALL responsible for customer satisfaction. We are ALL responsible for environmental compliance. We are ALL responsible for product and service quality.

If something is “not your job”, then please resign and go home and drink tea because there are thousands of people available, equally or even better qualified, with a far better attitude that would be more than happy to make it their job.

The global economy is in the toilet. Jobs are running scarce. The solution is to tighten up and perform. Be the best. Make it “Your Job”! Look around at work and see what is not being done, where the gaps are, and take the initiative to fix it. Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, the way it needs to be done. And if you simply are unqualified to perform the task, then make it your job to ensure that a qualified person gets it done. If you see something that needs welding, get the welders on it. If you see something that needs cleaning, get the cleaners on it. If you see something that you can do, do it. Do it immediately. Do it right.

Make it “Your Job”!

Be a Can Do individual. Be outstanding. Take a proactive approach and use your personal initiative. Stand out in the crowd, take some chances, be bold. Encourage others to do the same.

Make it “Your Job”!


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